Something Stirs

“Thomas Smith’s Something Stirs is everything a Christian horror story should be…and more. As an author in the same genre, I don’t scare easily but this one had me watching the shadows in my own home. With identifiable characters, great pacing, and chills that build as the story progresses, Something Stirs will be enjoyed by anyone looking for a good read. Consider me impressed. And scared!”

– Mike Dellosso, author of Darkness Follows, Centralia, Kill Devil, and Midnight is My Time

Ben Chalmers is a successful novelist. His wife, Rachel, is a fledgling artist with a promising career, and their daughter Stacy is the joy of their life. His novels have made enough money for him to provide a dream home for his family.  But there is a force at work in their lives. A dark, chilling, ruthless force that has become part of the very fabric of their new home.

A malevolent entity becomes trapped in the wood and stone of the house and it will do whatever it takes, to find a way to complete its bloody transference to our world.

Local Sheriff, Elizabeth Cantrell, and former pastor-turned-cabinetmaker, Jim Perry are drawn into the family’s life as the entity manipulates the house with devastating results.  And it won’t stop until it gets what it wants. Even if it costs them their faith, their sanity, and their lives.

“Thomas Smith has found the perfect blend of suspense and spirituality. It’s creepy, thrilling, fun and ultimately uplifting! Something Stirs would make an incredible movie, one that truly deserves to be on the big screen!”
     – Dr. Matt Mitchell, Director of “Paranormal” and the “Pray” Trilogy


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