Butt In Chair??

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Writing/Publishing

Hi fellow writing types.

Today we are launching (OK, I’m launching and you’re watching with great curiosity) Butt-In-Chair. The name comes from an equation that outlines the scientific principle behind being a successful writer. The equation is not complicated, but it IS true.

Writing = Butt In Chair

That’s pretty much it. Writing is a process that involves sitting down and moving your fingers across a keyboard. A lot. It is not terribly mystical, despite what the literary types would have you believe. Writing is work. Sometimes it is hard work. Some days it comes easy, and some days it is like trying to give birth to a Yugo. But if you have a passion for writing, even the Yugo days are rewarding.

That being said, if you check back from time to time, I’ll do my best to pass along some helpful information, useful tools, and even a worthwhile market or two. In fact, let’s start with a great source for writing help:

Funds for Writers

Hope Clark has put together a great site and offers a free and paid newsletter. The free newsletter always has markets, contests, and publisher listings. The paid version has even more solid resources.

OK, that’s it for today. Let’s meet back here in a few days and see what else we can come up with.

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