If I’d Known Then What I Know Now …

While I’d like to think I know it all, the list of things I don’t know is considerable longer than the stuff I know for sure. So, over the next few posts, I’ve invited some friends and acquaintances to tell us all what they wish they had known when they began their writing careers. The first up is ace freelancer, John Riddle.

The one thing I wish I had known before I began my writing career is that “I can do it.”  Like many new writers, I had my doubts, fears and the wrong attitude.  When God blesses you with the gift of creative communication, they sky is the limit.  Unfortunately, I lacked the confidence which kept me from soaring like an eagle for the first few years of my writing journey. 
Once I realized ‘I can do it!’ there was no holding back.  Books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, greeting cards, white papers, radio advertisements, you name it, I have written it.  And it is an exciting journey, and each day I thank God for answering my prayer to work at home as a freelance writer. 
A few years ago I wrote an e-book, The PAC Method for Writers: How Prayer, Attitude and Confidence Can Lead You to a Successful Writing Career, and it includes advice from Christian writers and authors from all across the country.  (If anyone would like a free copy, just e-mail johnriddle@sprintmail.com and I’ll be happy to send it to you). So, don’t worry; there’s plenty of freelance work out there.  But as you have heard me say on more than one occasion, marketing is the key.

Thanks John.

Now on to today’s market:

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