Watch Out for Parasites

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Writing/Publishing

How bad do you want to be a writer? Do you want it really really bad? If so, you are a prime target for the folks who wrote this:

I need article writers to write 400 word articles on various topics. Pay is 3.50 each and I need you to do at least 25 a week.

That works out to a grand total of $87.50 per week (or $0.000875 per word. That’s less than a penny pe word for those of you writing literary novels). The fact is, you can get more for a 500 word essay. Shoot … you can get that much for writing the punch line for a humorous greeting card.

Writing success is a direct result of your willingness to do the market research and put in the required work. It takes searching out markets and writing queries. And for those who are thinking, “Yes, but I need published clips” it is important to remember that the legitimate publishers are aware of these content mills and it is not a good idea to rely on an article you wrote for one of these parasites as your key to opening the door of a legitimate publsher. How impressed would you be to have someone submit writing from a site or publisher that has shoddy (if any) editing practices?

You are better than that. It would be better to submit a piece you wrote for the local newspaper or to write on spec a time or two fora legitimate publisher if need be.

There are hundreds of sites that are quite willing to pay a pittance for your work. In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, Just Say No.

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