It Sold

Posted: September 24, 2010 in books, Christian, Christian market, Christian publisher, novels, writer, writing

Yesterday I had a conference call with a publisher who expressed interest in my suspernatural suspense novel, Something Stirs a gew months back. To make a long story short, they bought the book.

I think it is the first true haunted house novel for the Christian market. and yes, I read Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker’s book house, but if you think about it, theirs wasn’t so much a haunted house per se as a house where the sins of those trapped inside were magnified. Plus, the action was run by a force outside the house, not the house itself. (But it was still a great read and unlike anything that had been done before).

But if not, then it is the second haunted house novel for the Christian market. I don’t mind running second to Peretti and Dekker.

So, now that the genii has been released from the bottle (hmm … another possibility?) I’ll chronicle the adventures of a first novel and its journey to the stores. Technically it is my 6th novel, but only the first one I submitted to anyone. The first two reeked. The third one stunk up the room. Four and five were really bad. So see … I was making progress.

And thanks to comments by Steve Laube (agent) and Brandilyn Collins (if you’re not reading her books, shame on you) I had to scrap and rewrite the first fifty pages of the book … thank God! I won’t tell you what the suggestions were, but they made a huge difference in just how nasty this house could be.

So … next week is contract week. And while all the details are still being finalized, I can tell you that they have some really good ideas for marketing and promotion.

‘Till next time, keep those keyboards clicking.

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