Wow … A Christmas Writing Opportunity!

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Christmas Fun, holiday, money, writing

Christmas is coming (73 days away as I am writing this), and along with Christmas comes opportunity. I just received an invitation to submit a story/essay/etc. to a Christmas ebook which is scheduled to be published before Christmas and will be offered free to the public.

All I have to do is send a $20 submission fee to cover editing and marketing costs.

Sure … just sit by the computer and wait for that submission.

Is it a worthwhile project? I don’t know.
Maybe not.

But what I do know is there comes a point that you rarely write for free, and you don’t pay for the privilege of having your writing published.

Now, if you make the decision to self-publish, that’s one thing. That is your project, you control almost every aspect of the process, and any proceeds are yours to keep. But that’s the exception.

If, however, you are looking for some great Christmas reading, here are two links. One is free. One you can purchase (and don’t let the fact that I have a story in the collection influence you … much).

Click here to read this Christmas Classic

A Cup of Comfort for Christmas
Click here for ordering information


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