My Time Machine

Posted: October 30, 2010 in General

I have a time machine. It’s not very large, but it is quite powerful, and it never fails to transport me to the place I want to go.

My time machine is disguised as a DVD. One my brother and I had made from a box of super 8 movies (remember those … we used those right after the dinosaurs died) my parents made when we were kids. In fact, because of my mother’s questionable movie making skills in the beginning, we could identify anybody in our circle of family and friends by their feet.

Anyhoo … via this time machine I can relive trips to Six Flags Over Georgia, sledding adventures, the great peeing contest between my brother and me (calm down … he was 3 and I was 6 and our backs were to the camera), family reunions, our Tweetsie Railroad adventures, more Christmas mornings than I can count, and Thanksgiving tables fairly groaning under the weight of grandmama’s cooking. In less time than it takes to blow those little bubbles in a cappuccino, I can watch some of the best days of my childhood … and watching leads to reliving.

Granted, I have a time machine hardwired into my brain and it is faster than the technological version, but sometimes it’s nice to see my grandparents and not just remember them. It’s fun to see the way things really happened and not just the way I remember them.

And I miss seeing everybody’s feet.

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