Something to Ponder

We interrupt our Christmas posts to give me a chance to knock my brain cells together on a new writing topic.

Watch for more Christmas goodies starting tomorrow.

Now … on to the brain cell knocking.

When a book leaves your hands, it belongs to God. He may use it to save a few souls or to try a few others, but I think that for the writer to worry is to take over God’s business.
                             – Flannery O’Connor

One discussion which seems to pop up with some regularity on blogs, email loops and in conferences is that of writing to change people’s lives.  I have always felt that the job of the writer (and in this case particularly, the Christian fiction writer) is to ask God’s blessing on a project, tell the best story we possibly can, fling the manuscript into the fray and begin the next book.  The Flannery O’Connor quote tends to help put the process into perspective for me.

First, if only one person reads what we write, then we can taylor the book to them and stand a better chance of addressing thoe things which could cause a deep abiding change in them. But that’s not really feasable. Plus, without God’s guidance and plan, it would be an exercise in arrogance at best. Only God knowss the heart of another.

Since our books go all over the country (or the world) and are read by a wide variety of people, it is important to remember that everyone has different needs and responds to different things. What may change one life may leave another reader cold. And what may seem silly and superficial to one reader may be the seed of a life-changing revelation for another.

So would God and those who read our words not be better served by writers who write to the best of our ability, creating the best story of which we are capable? Consequently, if we write a good story which is grounded in Christianity and let God deal with how to use the story, is that not a better use of our gifts than trying to tell God how to be God?

Just something to ponder.


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