A Christmas Miracle

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Christmas, heart attack, holiday, Joy, miracle, thomas smith

I should be dead.

I don’t mean, “Oh boy is he in trouble” dead. I mean under the ground with my own personal tombstone, graveyard dead. And I am especially reminded of that fact at Christmas, because on December 23, 2008 I had a heart attack, and as my medical professional wife told me later, it could/should have been a widow maker.

But God is not through with me yet. And I place the credit (or blame, depending on your point of view view) fully at His feet. It happened at 11:30 that night and by Midnight they had me on the table doing that magic that cardiac folks do. And what is really funny is a friend who lives at the end of the street saw someone in an ambulance and told me later, “It looked like you but I wasn’t sure, so I prayed for whoever was in the back of the ambulance.”

That was the exact moment the pain went away.


I don’t think so.

Throughout my stay in the hospital I received a lot of calls, visits, and more prayers than I can count. And somewhere just after Midnight, early on Christmas morning, I lost it. I felt pretty unworthy. Why should I matter that much? People took time out of their busy Christmas Eve to stop by or to call. In fact, one gift of freshly baked grain bread and pumpkin butter is now a Christmas tradition for me because of a small but powerful gift from someone who really didn’t have time to visit … but visited all the same.

And I know me. I’m not really worth all that. But they came, they called and they stopped to pray for me anyway.

Kinda like the way God looked at the world just before His son was born. Not a single soul on the planet was good enough, nor did they deserve the gift offered by God on that night. But He gave it anyway. Not because of who they were.

But because of who they could become.

Because of who I can become.

Because of who we can become.

And in a hospital bed on Christmas Eve, I experienced that miracle of Christmas in a way I never imagined. I got a second chance. And I don’t want to waste it.

My prayer for you, whoever you are, is that you will experience that same kind of miracle this Christmas. Not in so drastic a way, but just as fully. May you know the love of God this Christmas.

Merry Christmas

  1. Vie says:

    Thomas Smith, you are one excellent writer. You have the gift of taking every day (and not so “every day”) experiences and using them to illuminate our Savior.

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