The Secondary Message

Posted: January 5, 2011 in books, inspiration, writer, writing, Writing/Publishing

I have a friend named Peter (Hi Pete) who reads these scribblings on a regular basis. And while I am sure he has no clue he is going to see his name here today (Hi again Pete), his story is important for the first post of the New Year.

I met Peter a few years ago at a writer’s conference. I was teaching a class for beginning writers and he, having nothing better to do, attended it. At the end of the class he came up to me and told me about an idea he had for a small book. I congratulated him on having thought it through and taking the first steps in making the project happen. I wished him well and told him I looked forward to hearing about his progress.

The next year he brought me a copy of the completed book. It was a self-published project and very well done. The message it contains is both timely and accessible. But there is a second message in that book he may not be aware of.

The secondary message: Make it happen.

That is one of the most important lessons we can learn as writers. Make it happen.

Writing is work. Sometimes it’s hard work; like trying to suck a Volkswagen Beetle through a vacuum cleaner hose. But the benefits of writing only come when we apply the seat of our collective pants (or drawers if you’re one of those underwear writers) and our brainpower to the project at hand. Or if we apply the same in searching out the next project.

I have my copy of Peter’s book close by here in the office. It is a reminder that writing success doesn’t just happen.

We’ve gotta make it happen.

  1. Paula Petty says:

    I agreee. Writing is hard work. A lot of sweat (and sometimes tears) go with our heart into writing. Making it happen gives us the satisfaction of accomplishment and spurs us on to write more. Thanks for posting.

    • Thomas Smith says:

      Thanks for the comment. I can’t imagine not writing, though there are those occasional times when I wonder what it would be like to sell vacuums door to door!
      Happy New Year

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