A Picture of the Past

Posted: July 25, 2011 in General, writer, writing
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I’ve been working (OK…and playing) from our beach house since the middle of last week. We’ve been coming to Topsail Island since I was about 7 years old. In fact, the house that we own is the same one my wife and I spent part of our honeymoon in many years ago. And while I have some nice memories of that week, the thing that really makes me smile when I come down here is a picture on the wall of the second floor kitchen.

My mother found the frame in a little shop on the island years ago and just put the frame on the wall. You know how a lot of frames come with a stock photo to give you an idea of what your own photo will look like in the frame? Well this one has a really interesting picture. It shows four women walking down to the beach. The photo was probably taken in the 1960s. The four women are wearing dresses and one is carrying her purse. They were photographed from the back, but the interesting thing is, from all we can see, the women in the picture are relatives of mine.

My grandmother and three aunts.

My grandmother has on the same dress we all remember seeing a hundred times. She’s carrying the same pocketbook she took everywhere. In fact, she probably showed up at the pearly gates with it. And the three other ladies are three of my aunts.

My mother and I  can remember them walking down to the beach in those dresses, grandmama carrying that pocketbook every step of the way. Most likely my granddaddy and Uncle Bob were on the pier doing a little fishing (Uncle Bob would fish in a mud puddle if it was near the ocean) . Bob was Mutt’s husband (yep…that’s her real name), and since he was the Captain of the Wilson NC police department, I got to ride in a real police car and run the the lights and siren when I was a kid.  But I digress.

What are the chances that some photographer shot a photo of four of my favorite relatives, sold it to a stock photo company, and years later it showed up in a frame in a little shop on the island?

Much better than my chances of winning the lottery since we have the photo, but we’re still waiting for the $26,000,000 payday.

And while I have some nice memories of this past week at the beach (including watching my wife drive up with our puppy draped across her shoulders like a cat) I’ll be leaving to go home in a few hours.

But before I go I’m going upstairs to tell grandmama and my aunts goodbye until the next time I come down to the island.

  1. Paula Petty says:

    What a beautiful memory. I became a grandmother for the first time two weeks ago and am looking forward to creating special memories with my twin grandsons–although I doubt I’ll wear the same outfit enough times for that to be a memory.

  2. pmallett67 says:

    I like this post, nostagia, and intrigue. Sounds like you had a good time.

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