When Nature Rebels

I spent the better part of yesterday taking  a 20 foot truck loaded with supplies to hurricane survivors on the NC coast. Having spent a good part of my life in coastal areas, I went through towns that were suddenly unfamiliar. Toppled trees, closed sections of highway, and downed power lines were my constant companions. I passed clusters of utility trucks, volunteers, and State employees, all working to restore power to tens of thousands of people doing their best to carry on under difficult circumstances.

And all because of wind and rain.

Often calming and welcome. There is nothing like an ocean breeze on a hot August day. and a gentle rain can lull us to sleep better than any over-hyped sleep aid on TV.

But that same wind and rain, when multiplied a hundred times over, can leave a town flooded and without power in a matter of moments. The wind that cools our brows can demolish our homes. The same rain that ushers us into sleep and bathes our crops in life-giving water can turn our waking moments into nightmares and make us cling to anything solid for our very lives.

Nature is usually our ally. But sometimes nature rebels. She unleashes her fury without regard to place or station. Status or importance. Age or race. Hurricanes don’t care.

And while hurricanes and other such forces of nature perform important tasks (hurricanes enable the fluid systems of the planet  to redistribute excess heat energy received in tropical latitudes to cooler areas), when they come too close, the result is devastation. Devastation of property. Or lives. Or in some cases, the devastation of hope. And that’s the purpose of this post.

Our friends and neighbors need help. Total strangers need help. Maybe you can take a truckload of supplies to them. Maybe you can donate something to be sent to those who have lost everything. Maybe you can pray for those who are clinging to their last shred of hope.  Maybe you can drop $5 (or  $50) in a collection box.  Maybe you can volunteer to pack flood buckets. The what really doesn’t matter.

They need it all.

So let’s pitch in.

We can all do something.

Here are a few links to get you started:

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Merci Center/NCCUMC Relief

American Red Cross

Samaritan’s Purse

Salvation Army

Operation Blessing

Episcopal Relief and Development






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