Picking the Bones

Posted: September 5, 2011 in books, Writing/Publishing

I admit it. I picked over the carcass. I made my way over with everybody else, picked through the bones, and looked for any hidden tidbits the other scavengers may have missed. It was a little morbid, but after all, I had nothing to do with the death itself. and the carcass was going to be picked over anyway. Isn’t it better that such things be done by friends and not  band of strangers out for whatever they can haul away?

And as tragic as it seems, I did find a few tidbits otherwise overlooked by the others.

I found two Travis McGee novels I haven’t read yet (If you haven’t read anything by John D. MacDonald, shame on you).

I also found two novels I contemplated getting for my Nook and decided to wait “just in case…” and got them for much less.

I found a whole slew (that means “a lot of them” if you’re from “Up North”) of Christmas books.

And I saw a lot of like-minded folks picking through the last of the inventory for an overlooked treasure. It was a sad affair, but a necessary endeavor. Especially for those of us who care. Those who came out to say goodbye to an old friend.

Borders, we’ll miss you.

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