Sometimes we become too advanced for our own good. I’m not talking about smartphones and that sort of thing. In fact, while technology can be a great time waster, it is also an equally great tool and many of the technological advancements of the last 10 years are nothing short of amazing.

No, what I’m talking about is our attitude. For example, we talk about pushing the envelope as if it is something new and cutting edge, but the fact is, test pilots and fighter pilots have been “pushing the envelope” for over 50 years. Chuck Yeager “pushed the envelope” and became the first pilot to break the sound barrier on October 14, 1947 in the Bell X-1, and later set another record by flying at Mach 2.44 (1,650 mph) in 1953. So pushing the envelope isn’t new.

But it makes a good buzzword.

Sort of like thinking outside the box.

That one puzzles me a little. People involved in creative endeavors talk about thinking outside the box. They lean back in their chairs, let their eyes glaze over, and say things like, “We need to be cutting edge. We need to think outside the box.”

Maybe. But I prefer to think inside the box. That’s where the magic is. And if you don’t believe it, think back to any Christmas. How many kids got a bigger kick out of playing with a box than with the toy that came in the box? Better yet, think back to your own childhood. A box could be a fort. A spaceship. A castle. A time machine. A submarine. A goofy hat. A brain smarts enhancer (OK, I stuck a few wires in it so it would look scientific, but it still started with the box). The Batmobile. A cave. In short, a box, regardless of its size, was a key that opened a world of wonderful possibilities.

An appliance box could be your secret lair while a much smaller box could be turned into a robot head in a matter of minutes.

Thinking outside the box? I don’t think so.

It’s too limiting.

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