Going on Facebook is one of the hazards of my job as a writer. A few years ago it was a novelty. Now it’s a necessity. Oh sure, I’ve learned to skip over the what I had for breakfast, the I’m standing in line at Starbucks, and the my child just pooped something that looks like Elvis posts. and some of the other posts are actually funny and informative.

No, the ones that make me want to shake somebody (a lot of somebodies) until their teeth rattle are the ones that continue to slam Christians.

And I’m equally appalled by the Christians who say nothing in response.

So, this is my response on Facebook from this morning.

I am constantly amazed by the things people post on Facebook (and other places). For example, here’s an interesting sign I just saw. “Christian Nation? So America was founded on a foreign born brown skinned Jewish guy that never spoke a word of English, fed and healed the poor for free. Defended a woman from being slut shamed and killed and chose not to conform to either religious or political nonsense? Cool…when are we going to start that?”

Where do I start? First, since the quote came from a media personality/political fan page, if you posted it…you haven’t started.

Second, this is what such signs ignore: The hundreds of thousands of Christians in just this country alone who DO feed the homeless free. Who DO see to their health care needs free. Who through their donations clothe, feed, educate, and provide medical attention for people in every country on the planet free. Who travel to Appalachia to refurbish the homes of those who simply don’t have the money to do it themselves and who do the same in their own neighborhoods as well free. Who deliver free meals to the elderly. Who develop after school programs for inner city kids. who provide job training and networking avenues for those who have no other recourse. Who go to the places where society casts off it’s “refuse” and says to them, “Don’t you listen to them…you ARE worth a damn. God loves you. I love you. We love you, and you are worth more than you know.” Those who go around the country and around the world to build schools and hospitals, not to proselytize, but to do what that “brown skinned Jewish guy” inspires them to do.

Because he was NOT just some brown skinned Jewish guy. He was and is the Son of God, and that fact trumps any sign, poster, cute saying, or anyone too jaded or lazy to get up and actually see what Christians are really doing today…not what the media and the politicians say they are doing. And while you don’t have to believe in who he is, those who DO believe represent over 300,000 churches in America alone…3.7 million churches worldwide.

So yes…we’ve started.

And it IS cool.

And now that I’ve had my fit, I’m going outside, cut the grass, then get back to work on the new book.

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  2. Mary says:

    YES!! Great job Thomas – That’s the kind of passion that changes the world – and feeds the hungry!

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