Don’t Give Up

As a newWriting year waits just around the proverbial corner, and many of us are gearing up for new writing challenges and opportunities in 2013, what advice can the more established writers give to those just starting out?

That’s the easy part.

Don’t give up.

That’s it. Writing is a solitary profession, and not everyone will understand the need to write. But if it is really what you want to do, if it is a driving force in your life, there will be rejections, obstacles, and a hundred reasons to quit. But if it really is a driving force in your life, just remember that they area normal part of the process.

So don’t give in to the temptation to say, “This is too hard,” or, “Nobody will ever buy anything from me.” we all have those moments. But the thing that separates the professional from the hobbyist is that the professional keeps going, makes the writing a little better every day, and gives in to that inner voice that says, write anyway.

Do you want to be a writer?

Then don’t give up.

You can do it.


2 Replies to “Don’t Give Up”

  1. Lately I’ve been asking myself, “Why are you writing Science Fiction?” Then I realize that writing Fantasy would also involve researching unknown territory like ancient fighting methods, horse riding, herbal remedies, etc. I’m also at the halfway mark of Draft 5, so I guess it makes sense that it be hard. Hope you have a great 2013, Thomas!

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